1. Gourmet Wishes

    Gourmet Wishes Gift Basket


    This gift basket is exploding with treats. 1# of our Sweet Things chocolate, 1# of our gourmet 3 ring pretzels, 16 piece assortment of truffles, wafer cookies, seasoned pretzels and our famous snapper krispy kritter (marshmallow treat with caramel and pecans all dipped in chocolate. Learn More
  2. Chocolate Indulgence

    Chocolate Indulgence Gift Basket


    This gift basket is for the chocolate lover inside us all. 16 piece truffle assortment, assorted gourmet pretzels, pillow chocolate cookies, 1 pound of our Sweet Things chocolate, and seasoned pretzels to add just a touch of salt. Learn More
  3. Gourmet Sample

    Gourmet Sample Gift Basket


    This is an endless gift basket of gourmet goodies to temple every palette: from cheeses to chocolates, gourmet sausages to pretzels and cookies and nuts. The choices are endless, as is the baskets. Learn More
  4. Chocolate Lovers Basket

    Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket


    Chocolate lovers beware, this is your dream basket! 1 pound of our Sweet Things chocolate, 1 pound of our Mega Malt Balls, 16 piece truffle assortment, 1 pound of our milk, dark and white pretzels and our famous apple, covered in caramel, pecans and chocolate...Everyone will enjoy the Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket! Learn More
  5. It's Home Basket

    It's Home Gift Basket


    If it is welcome to the neighborhood or a realtor gift this is a great gesture and very useful! The Home Journal will be used for many years to come and the treats: seasoned pretzels and honey mustard dip, tea and yogurt pretzel, are for immediate satisfaction...what else could you ask for in a gift basket?! Learn More
  6. Welcome Home Basket

    Welcome Home Gift Basket


    Perfect personalized gift! This ceramic house is filled with amazing chocolates and treats to welcome someone home. They will enjoy Sweet Thing’s gourmet chocolates, decadent truffles, ever so popular toffee, and our very popular Mega Malt Balls and something sweet from the Bake Shop. It is a wonderful combination of the personalized gift and gift basket! Learn More
  7. Gourmet Goodies

    Gourmet Goodies Gift Basket


    Send a great combination of salt and sweet with the Gourmet Goodies gift basket. Gourmet Goodies gift basket has a variety of crackers accompanied with a wonderful cheese, seasoned pretzels and dipping mustard. And for the sweet side, decadent Sea Salt Caramels, our Mega Malt balls, and our own Sweet Things gourmet chocolates will make the gift complete. Learn More
  8. Always Sweet

    Always Sweet Gift Basket


    A sweet gift of 1/2 pound of Sweet Things gourmet chocolates, assortment gourmet pretzels, cookies and cheese straws all in a decorative gift basket. Learn More
  9. Colorful Heart Frame

    Colorful Hearts


    Sweet Things always has unique gifts for that special person! We seek out the wonderful artist...the best is when we can talk to the artist ourselves! Enjoy these wonderful pieces of art found at Sweet Things! Learn More

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