1. Mega Malt Balls

    Mega Malt Balls


    Sweet Things signature triples dipped malt balls are a perfect combination of chocolate and malt. The Mega Malt Balls can be ordered in milk, dark or ultimate, which is a fabulous combination of milk, white and dark. Learn More
  2. Gourmet Pretzels

    Gourmet Pretzels


    Sweet Things pretzels are absolutley amazing. Choose from our favorites: toffee pretzels, white chocolate sprinkles, drizzled, milk chocolate jimmie pretzels, M&M pretzels and Reese's pretzel. If you just can not decide order a wonderful combination of all the gourmet pretzels. You will love everyone of them. If you are entertaining, call and order a pretzel and chocolate tray. Your guests will absolutley love your dessert we promise! Learn More
  3. Sugar-Free Chocolates

    1/2 lb Sugar-free Chocolates


    No one has to sacrifice taste because it is sugar-free. We have a wonderful variety of sugar-free options for our customers. Our sugar-free chocolate is absolutely delicious. We have a wonderful assortment of sugar-free chocolates. Your assortment will include our customer favorites: Pecan Paws, Pecan Paties, Mint Truffles, Almond Bark, Vanilla Buttercreams, Peanut Butter Truffles, Fudge Meltaways, Raspberry Jellies, Coconut Creams, Cherry Cordials, Orande Jellies, Almond Buttercrunch and Peanut Clusters. We also have wonderful wonderful sugar-free milk pretzels. Learn More
  4. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

    Chocolate Covered Strawberries


    Chocolate covered strawberries are perfect for any occasion. Sweet Things makes an amazing gourmet assortment of chocolate strawberries to choose from. All of our strawberries are hand-dipped and decorated. You may choose from several wonderful options: Our standard chocolate covered strawberries: milk, dark, white with drizzle. Chocolate Strawberry Topping Collection: Chocolate chip, Toffee, Double Chocolate, and Coconut. Chocolate Strawberry Valentine Collection: pink, red and white with hearts, very sweetly done for Valentine's Day or just to say 'I love you'. Chocolate Strawberry Gourmet Collection: each strawberry individual decorated, It is an absolutely amazing gift. Chocolate Strawberry Bridal Collection: tuxedo and bride decorated strawberry. All strawberry orders are boxed in a Sweet Things signature Valentine's boxes. Prices may vary per collection. Learn More
  5. Cupid Corn

    Valentine Cupid Corn


    If you love candy corn you will love cupid corn. Learn More
  6. Chocolate Foiled Hearts

    Chocolate Foiled Hearts


    Gourmet milk chocolate foiled hearts Learn More
  7. Cherry Rings

    Cherry Rings


    A sweet new gummy for Valentine's Day! Learn More
  8. Large Conversation Heart

    Conversation Hearts


    Send a sweet message to your loved ones in a candy message. Learn More
  9. Cherry Hearts

    Cherry Hearts


    Sugar Cinnamon Heart perfect for Valentine's Day Learn More
  10. Valentine Deluxe Mix

    Valentine Deluxe Mix


    The best of Jelly Belly in this Valentine's Deluxe Mix Learn More

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