1. Santa's Ultimate Basket

    Santa's Ultimate Gift Basket


    Santa's Ultimate Gift Basket has something for everyone. It is endless and amazing! The beautiful basket contains 1lb of Sweet things chocolates, our gourmet pretzel, Megga Malt Balls, Sweet Things Truffles, our own hand dipped peppermint oreos and delicious holiday cookies. Learn More
  2. Sugar and Sweet Christmas

    Sugar and Sweet Christmas


    Chocolate Cherry Popcorn, Christmas Deluxe Mix candies, holiday Dutch Mints, assorted chocolate truffles, honey pretzels, dipping mustard and gourmet pretzels. Learn More
  3. Gourmet Christmas

    Gourmet Christmas Gift Basket


    Gourmet holiday pretzels, Sweet Things gourmet boxed chocolate, seasoned pretzels, mixed nuts, Sweet Things peppermint crunch, Indy's Best caramel cheddar popcorn, Mega Malt Balls and fresh baked cookies from the bake shop all perfectly package in a holiday gift basket.. Learn More
  4. Santa Snacks

    Santa Snacks Gift Basket


    Peppermint cookies, hand decorated holiday Oreos, gourmet holiday pretzels, Indy's Best caramel cheddar popcorn, Sweet Things homemade boxed chocolate and peanut brittle in a wonderful gift basket Learn More
  5. Chocolate Christmas

    Chocolate Christmas Gift Basket


    Assorted chocolate truffles , Sweet Things gourmet boxed chocolate, Mega Malt Balls, Sweet Things peppermint crunch, holiday saltwater taffyin the perfect holiday gift basket. Learn More

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