1. A Little Something Sweet

    A Little Something Sweet Gift Basket


    No matter what the occasion this gift basket is sure to please. Half pound of our Sweet Things chocolate, cookies, cheese straws and 4 of our gourmet pretzels. Learn More
  2. Barton's Milk and Dark Chocolate Assortment

    Barton's Milk and Dark Chocolate Assortment


    Entertain with Barton's delicious Kosher assortment of Milk and Dark Chocolates Learn More
  3. St. Patrick's Krispie Kritter

    St. Patrick's Krispie Kritter


    Looking for the cutest krispie kritters ever...Sweet Things has all of them! St. Patrick's Day isn't complete without a visit from a Leprechaun! Don't forget the trail of gold coins..... Learn More
  4. Easter Treats

    Easter Treats


    This gift basket has a nice sprinkle of Easter: foiled eggs, spring Jelly Bellys, Sweet Things non pariels, and an assortment of fun candy. Learn More
  5. Some Bunny's Basket

    Some Bunny's Basket


    Somebody is going to be quite happy when they receive Some Bunny's Basket. Who could resist this adorable bunny, all the custom made Sweet Things treats and a plethora of fun Easter sweets! Learn More
  6. Easter Extravaganza Gift Basket

    Easter Extravaganza Gift Basket


    What a wonderful gift basket to receive. This gift basket is a great assortment of Sweet Things gourmet pretzels, Mega Malt Balls and our adorable hand decorate krispie kritters. Also included are fun novetly candies for Easter, including Candy Noses. We did not forget the most adorable and lovable bunny to top of the basket. Learn More
  7. Boy It's Easter!

    Boy It's Easter! Gift Basket


    What boy wouldn't love to rip this basket open?! This gift basket is sprinkled with just the right amount of candy and enough really fun toys to make the day great! How cute and the Mega Bunny Candy Noses?! Our hand decorated bunny krispie kritter, spring pretzels, foiled eggs. And the toys are WONDERFUL! A real Dino Dig Kit, Farkel, Rubber Bad Shooter, and Dice Game for the family and of course an Easter Bunny. Learn More
  8. Pink Bunny Gift Basket

    Pink Bunny Gift Basket


    The Pink Bunny Gift Basket is the perfect little girls gift baskets: bunny ears, Mike & Ikes Coton Candy, bubble gum eggs and bubble tape, Blow Pops, Nerd Ropes, Sweet Things own hand decorated chocolates and Krispie Kritters. No Easter basket is complete without an assortment of wonderful toys: make your own Kaleidoscope, sippin Spec, Brain Teaser, earrings and of course an Easter. Learn More
  9. Easter Sweets Gift Basket

    Easter Sweets Gift Basket


    This Easter Sweets Gift Basket is the perfect Easter find for that fun candy connoisseur! This gift basket has Mike & Ikes, Easter Dots, Sour Bunnies, Easter Warheads, Blow Pops, and Bubble Tape. Also included is our hand decorated bunny krispie kritter and a tile game to add a little fun to the gift basket. Learn More
  10. Foiled Milk Eggs

    Foiled Milk Eggs


    Our smooth rich foiled milk eggs add wonderful color and a delicious touch to every basket! Learn More

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