1. Gourmet Pretzels

    Gourmet Pretzels


    Sweet Things pretzels are absolutley amazing. Choose from our favorites: toffee pretzels, white chocolate sprinkles, drizzled, milk chocolate jimmie pretzels, M&M pretzels and Reese's pretzel. If you just can not decide order a wonderful combination of all the gourmet pretzels. You will love everyone of them. If you are entertaining, call and order a pretzel and chocolate tray. Your guests will absolutley love your dessert we promise! Learn More
  2. Gourmet Pretzels

    Sweet Things Chocolate Pretzels


    Plain Chocolate Pretzels Milk Pretzels White Pretzels Dark Pretzels Gourmet Pretzels Drizzled Milk Pretzels Drizzled White Pretzels Drizzled Dark Pretzels Toffee Pretzels M & M Pretzels Reeses Pretzels Nonpariel Pretzels Jimmie Pretzels Learn More
  3. Valentine's 1 Pound Heart Box

    Valentine's 1 Pound Heart Box


    Our hand made gourmet chocolate prepared with the finest ingredients...Pecan Snappers, Cashew Snappers, Toffee, Coconut Haystacks, Coconut Creams, Buttercreams, Vanilla Creams, Chocolate Creams, Maple, Peanut Butter Creams, Raspberry Creams, Nut Surprise, Cashew Clusters, Peanut Cluster, Almond Cluster, Pecan Clusters, Caramels, Carmellows, Caramel Almond Squares, Orange Jelly, Raspberry Jelly, Orange Peel, Toddies, Marzipan, Nougat, Dipped Apricot, Coconut Marshmellow Squares, Mint Meltaways, Cherry Cordials, Almond Bark, Toffee Bark, M&M Bark, Peppermint Bark, and Turtle Bark all in a beautiful heart shaped box for Valentine's Day. Learn More

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